Two Bridges per Binding

Is it possible to add many bridges on a Binding?
For Example Hue binding with two or more bridges in openhab3.
thank you in advance

As a general question, yes. Some bindings even support hierarchies of Bridge type Things.

But it is very dependent on the binding. If your interest is Hue in particular, I would change your post title so that people knowledgable about Hue will see it.

The Philips Hue binding docs don’t help on this point.

This old post suggest multiple bridges were incoporated back in OH2

so I’d expect there to be two discovered in the OH Inbox

It’s certainly possible with the Velbus binding.

Simple rules can link events from one bridge to influence things of the other bridge.

I want to add:
It should be possible for every Binding which makes use of Bridges, but maybe there are some Bindings which don’t get it right. :wink:
So give it a try (every Bridge has to have its own name of course) and feel free to report if there are any bindings which don’t do it correctly.

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