TZ35S reporting as TZ65D


I have in my installation TZ35S single pad dimmer from TKB. On my list it displays as TZ65D. I have xml file for it. @chris if you could grant me rights to edit database I would try to update it. In meantime I am attaching xml from my system.

Piotr "e-rook"network_xxxxxxxx__node_21.xml (8.8 KB)

I’ve updated your access and also removed the 0808:0808 from the TZ65 so you should be fine to add the new device.

Thanks, working slowly on it. By the way - when posting XML I received “1064 You have an error…”

Do you mean you were pasting anXML into a message on the forum? If so, you need to format it with code fences (eg ``` before and after the xml will probably do).

No, I used create device from on your website and pasted xml into the note edit box. As a result I received error: “1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘39,1,1,1629)’ at line 3”

I don’t know what happened. The most common reason is maybe not pasting in the full XML (it’s common to miss the last line).

Anyway, it does seem like it has worked.

Thanks, submitted - I hope it is correct

I’m having this issue and still very new to OpenHAB, my device is a TZ65D but being displayed as a TZ35S. I only have The TZ65D installed in the house, anyway so i can switch it?


I have the same issue. Did you solve yours?