UI Widget: Weather

Just ran in the same problem.
This was my solution:
In the guide is written to set:


Insted, my item names were:


(take a look at the caps).

Changing this everything went ok.

There is indeed a typo in it.

But look at the screenshot. It works with lowercase. But when i save this. and go back is empty and not working. The save function is not working.


I really like this widget!

Can someone help me with a quick fix.

I have my items in another location

(Location) house,
(equipment) Local Weather and Forecast
(equipment )One Call API Local Weather and Forecast

Widget configuration
Item prefix

Additional item prefix

What do I have to add before one call api and local weather , now when the items are in a different location / equipment

Thanks for the help.

hi guys, sorry I’m late but I have big personal problems …
have you solved? it doesn’t work for me with the “f” or the “F”

have you solved? it doesn’t work for me with the “f” or the “F”

Yes I hade same issue as @rebzone

My items are

I have missed uppercase


i have tried with both combinations but can’t get it to work

I’m really not an expert.
After I add all items in semantic model, (and added @RGroll code in widgets), I went back to settings/things/local weather and forecast (and one call api weather and forecast). Then looked at one item to see the prefix.

hello where can I find the weather widget you use?

Regarding to your pictures, it looks like you have “everything” / the same widget I use (if you had add all items from local weather and forecast and one call api weather and forecast from openweathermap).

I followed @RGroll first post.

hi, i too followed @RGoll’s post but it doesn’t work, i can’t figure out where the error is

Hi everyone, I’m still here asking for your help. I redid the whole procedure but I can’t get the widget to work. i tried 2 widgets but both don’t work. advice? Thank you

hello I don’t know how, but by tweaking a bit I managed to make it work.
however the icons of the clouds etc. do not come out. but the “?” remains, how do I solve it?
Thank you


thank you for your effort. Tried your card with the itemprefix and used all the Items but I don´t get a value for the current outside temperature. Everything else seems to work fine.

would really appreciate your help


I have similar issue with the Widget. No values inside. What can be wrong on configuration?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @ all,

the Widget works fine, exept the actual icon of the Hourly icon.

Due to other names of my choosen items I had to change the names in the widget to get it work.
Right know I can’t find the position in the editor where this icon ? is set. May someone can tell me the line where to find?

Thanks al lot

Hi @all,

´m new to OH3, my instance is running in a Qnap Container.

Question where to place the picture for for cloudy, sun etc and also the sight pic ?

I tried, openhab3/conf/html/files/weather_img, but no pic shown.

Another question, the icons … where I can find the the sun, moon, clouds ? in the image pack there is no such a icon named

Can you help me ? Many thanks

Many thanks for this widget!
I am just wondering how can I unify background colors of all my blocks (widgets) on the overview page.
Where can I find widget background color definition so i could use it in other blocks? I like this blue color and want to have the same to all


I really don’t know how to use this widget. Create thing file, no problem, create item file, no problem, create the custome widget file, also no problem… but where or in which file I have to edit the item prefix from the example ? I really don’t get it. It is nice explained and all is well documented but if this is your first widget then you are screwed.

Can some please tell me where I have edit the item prefix?