UK - Gas and Elctricity Meter


Can some one recommend a Gas and Electricity meter for us in the UK that is compatible with OH?



Can’t recommend a meter, I can recommend to use the search function however :slight_smile:

Thank You Rolf

I had seen that thread but I was looking for actual recommendation for meters, I want to buy my own and dont want to use the ones provided by the utility companies.

Is that allowed in the UK? If so, your first guideline will have to be the legislation in place I guess, as it will have to be an approved meter after all.

Ofcourse, there is no obligation for households to get the Smart Meters from the Utility companies or any at all.

I had a gas engineer install my own mechanical gas meter with a reed switch pulse output (as a secondary meter).

Like this one -

For electrical pulses, I simply put an LDR to npn transistor circuit over the red led.

These pulses I pick up with a Velbus VMB7IN

I wasn’t aware that “we” weren’t required to get our meters from our supplier’s approved installers.

Yes. Utility warehouse have rang me 3 times to get a smart meter installed and ive refused as there is no obligation yet on householders. The energy company themselves have targets from UK gov but there is no obligation on the end consumers.

See Link below:

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Have you heard of ?? I have it set up to read my electricity consumption but not gas. It works really well, fairly easy to set up and there is a OH binding but that’s not really necessary as it sends data via mqtt anyway.

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I found out my eleccy company was billing us 3x national average consumption and now we’re £700 in credit!!!

Thanks Matt, ill check them out.