Unable to lock/unlock zwave lock Kwikset 910

I’m trying to setup Kwikset 910 Signature series zwave door lock in OpenHAB2, but having problem locking/unlocking the door through PaperUI Control. In OpenHAB it is added as 914TRL Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt. When I hit the lock switch in PaperUI control nothing happens but I see red light next to button A on door lock blink but the lock motor does not get activated.

I secure added the door lock to zwave network using OZWCP and able to lock/unlock using OZWCP.

I’m using Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Z-Stick, Gen5 USB stick and I’ve setup the same Network Key for both OpenHAB and OZWCP.

I’m attaching logs that show lock/unlock from both OpenHAB (zwave debug) and OZWCP here https://gist.github.com/bjacobt/051197c99e9360b37df1eb1233d47654#file-openhab-set-lock-to-off-unlock. The Z-Wave lock and controller thing configured in OpenHAB is included in the GIST at the end

Complete OpenHAB logs are here https://gist.github.com/bjacobt/1cde86fa279b7c3022c9f95f01858dd6

I’m using:
OpenHAB2 - Installed from openhab-offline-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.zip.
Zwave binding installed through PaperUI, version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Ps: I’m also trying to add Kwikset 910 to the zwave database, but unable to find the node.xml. I only see node1.xml which is for the zwave stick.

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The security classes are not currently supported so this isn’t possible at this time.

Thanks Chris for the quick response. I can try to add the security class feature if possible. I’m new to this and can you guide me?

If I’m not mistaken there is support for secure inclusion to zwave network in OpenHAB today, and what is missing is door lock/unlock correct?

No - in OH2 there’s no support at the moment for the security. I’m currently reworking all the transaction code which is providing tricker than I’d hoped - this is needed to resolve the security, but security is not a simple addition unfortunately.

I’m hoping to try and get the transaction code completed this week and the next up will be to look at reworking the security classes and some other part of the initialisation.

If you really want security features, they are in a version of OH1 - just not in the master branch at the moment.

Is OpenHAB2 compatible with OH1 zwave binding?

Yes - you can run the OH1 binding under OH2 runtime, but note that it can only be administered through text files (ie the same as in OH1).

is there any further development on this under OH2?

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Yes - stays tuned. Security is included in a development branch at the moment - it will be a little while before it’s merged to master.

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I have a kwikset 916 for the sheer purpose of remote unlock on openhab2 (I bought a pine64 for this purpose), is there any way we can get to test this build? I have the red light too and get no unlock.

Follow this thread -:

Sorry - I don’t know what this is :confused:

Also I read it somewhere else that a code manager in OH is a feature to be worked on. Is this in progress as well? I’d like to be able to manage some advanced configuration remotely.

Sorry - what is a “code manager”?

Sorry Chris, I should’ve mentioned that I came from SmartThing world. A lock code manager provide a easy way to manage multiple smart locks, specifically allow you to define things like:

  • Assign Codes to Multiple Users.
  • Manage Multiple Locks.
  • See what codes are active.
  • See how many times a code is used (reset usage manually)
  • Be notified when a user uses their code.
  • Delete codes after they are used*.
  • Optionally Schedule Users so that they only have access during certain times, modes, days of the week, or a calendar range.
  • Decide which notifications to receive in the event that the locks are too chatty.
  • When a code is entered, perform Hello Home Actions.

See this Lock Code Manager

I think I’ll be pretty happy if I can somehow change the lock code remotely, and be notified who unlock the door (identified by different code). Other features are really just eye candy for me.

I’m in a pretty similar position with this lock. In another home automation software i’m running on my Pi 3, I can get the lock to pair, but when I do it, there’s a totally different button to do a Secure Include vs a regular Include. When I did it with the regular include it won’t actually send the commands and stuff once paired, but when I Exclude it, then Secure Include it, things work fine.

I tried to install OpenHAB2, kept the 2.1 Z-Wave binding uninstalled, added the 1.9 Z-Wave to the Addon, but couldn’t seem to get it enabled and working correctly. It would show as no Bindings available to find devices, even when I had the 1.9 listed as Installed… Is it possible to get these Secure Devices linked up properly in OpenHAB2, or do I have to use OpenHAB1? I’m happy to test out a development build if you have something that may work.


I would bet we could piece together most of this functionality using Sitemaps (would have to figure out text entry work arounds) and rules (or potentially as a module to HabPanel, though haven’t researched this at all). I’m currently integrating with my locks through my Vera using the Mios binding and it’s been pretty straight forward to setup the notification pieces for who unlocked, errors, outside locking events and managing lock/unlock conditions. Hadn’t played with the user/code management since I still have that functionality w/i my Vera, but will try to play with it in the next week or so (especially the temp code feature since that could be pretty useful).

OH1 bindings don’t show in the bindings list.

OH2 secure classes are still a while off unless you want to use the development version (please see my post from last night).

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Lucky you there is binding for Vera device out there. I’m currently using MQTT to communicating between SmartThings and OH2. Some devices (Zigbee, locks) are physically bound to ST, while rest (Arduino nodes, Zwave, 433MHz etc) bound to OH2. Through MQTT I can achieve to control all devices from both world. Not the best solution (MQTT does has tiny latency), but works for me so far.

Is the OH2 Development version the same as the 2.1 unstable one from 1/29?

No - see here -:

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Any updates here? I’m just getting started with OH2 and would love to have a secure deadbolt