Unable to properly add Alfred Smart Lock - Z-wave

Hi all,

First time using a lock and I’m having trouble adding my Alfred DB1 Smart Lock to openhab.

Running openHAB 3.3.0 - Release Build on a Raspberry pi.
Using Aeotec Z-Stick Gel 5 (model ZW090-A
Lock: Alfred DB1 - https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/3373

My procedure to add is

  • Settings->Things->Click +/Add button
  • Choose zwave binding
  • Click Scan
  • put lock in inclusion mode
  • see lock show up as a discovered thing

  • add it

Log entries

16:58:16.689 [INFO ] [openhab.event.InboxAddedEvent        ] - Discovery Result with UID 'zwave:device:9f08673cbd:node72' has been added.
16:58:16.689 [INFO ] [ig.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Added new thing 'zwave:device:9f08673cbd:node72' to inbox.
16:58:22.892 [INFO ] [ommandclass.ZWaveSecurityCommandClass] - NODE 72: Using Scheme0 Network Key for Key Exchange since we are in inclusion mode.
16:58:23.097 [INFO ] [ialization.ZWaveNodeInitStageAdvancer] - NODE 72: SECURITY_INC State=COMPLETE
16:58:23.709 [WARN ] [zwave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 72: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 021D:0003:0002::1.4
16:58:26.977 [INFO ] [commandclass.ZWaveVersionCommandClass] - NODE 72: Command Class COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC has version 0!
16:58:27.686 [INFO ] [ommandclass.ZWaveDoorLockCommandClass] - NODE 72: Door-Lock config report - timeoutEnabled=false timeoutMinutes=254, timeoutSeconds=254
16:58:38.647 [INFO ] [openhab.event.InboxRemovedEvent      ] - Discovery Result with UID 'zwave:device:9f08673cbd:node72' has been removed.
16:58:38.652 [INFO ] [hab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'zwave:device:9f08673cbd:node72' changed from UNINITIALIZED to INITIALIZING
16:58:38.661 [INFO ] [hab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'zwave:device:9f08673cbd:node72' changed from INITIALIZING to OFFLINE (BRIDGE_OFFLINE): Controller is offline
16:58:38.668 [INFO ] [hab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'zwave:device:9f08673cbd:node72' changed from OFFLINE (BRIDGE_OFFLINE): Controller is offline to ONLINE
16:58:40.571 [INFO ] [ommandclass.ZWaveDoorLockCommandClass] - NODE 72: Door-Lock config report - timeoutEnabled=false timeoutMinutes=254, timeoutSeconds=254

The Thing adds fine, but there are no channels available - Unknown Device

Any pointers on what to try next would be wonderful

The lock needs to be added to the OH Zwave DB. The good news is that I see the MFG (Shenzhen Kaadas Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.), so it will just be a matter to read the blog and upload the xml for that node userdata/zwave or /var/lib/openhab/zwave. (and mark for Review and wait for the next build)

I’m sure you are aware of Pi4 && Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick Gen5 - Raspberry Pi Forums and have the appropriate mitigation (hub or hardware modification) in place.

@anon71759204 - yup, had this problem in the past :wink: I’m running my Aeotec in a powered usb hub.

@apella12 - Thanks for the details - I’ll take a shot at working through the blog to build the new xml.

@apella12 Wondering if you may be able to help with an error I’m seeing with the database entry.

I created the device from the xml file from openhab, and have entered all the detail I’m able to find.
I’m seeing an error

Device definition contains errors!

* Manufacturer UUID"

However I’m not able to clear this - despite having the UID set.

Screenshot of the current database entry.

Any ideas?

My guess is that I may have been wrong about

being all setup in the ZW DB. It was in the dropdown, but maybe it wasn’t associated with 021D. I would open a ticket on the DB site for @chris to take a look. I don’t see anything else.

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This is because of a database config issue - I’ll look at it now…

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Thanks @apella12 and @chris

@kolcun ; If you are done editing hit the “Request Review”, so it will be included in the next build.

Thank you @apella12

I see that the database entry is now marked as OH-SNAPSHOT. I see the new xml and doc files in GitHub as well.

I’m unclear on how I can update the zwave add-on in my current OH3 install to test it out.

Appreciate any pointers - thanks.

That is kind of a problem. I wrote this for that situation. Update ZWave binding with new/updated device xml - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Thanks @apella12. I might use this as a forcing function to get to OH 4.0 too :slight_smile:

That would be a good idea. :slightly_smiling_face: (4.0)

Only concern I have seen a bit of forum traffic that you might need OH 4.1M2 to use the most recent zwave binding. I think there was a karaf upgrade or something.

I did upgrade to 4.0, however the newly created lock database entry wasn’t included in the 4.0.4 release. I upgraded to the 4.1M3, and the lock works! there are some quirks, but lock/unlock works, and OH status updates to match the lock when manually actuated.

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