Unifi and 2FA

Hello all,
I have tried to setup Unifi binding to my controller through PaperUI, but I am getting Configuration Error. Probably reason is that I am using 2FA for my UI.com account and there is no such configuration in Unifi binding. Is there any workaround for it?
Jan K.


You might consider that a “workaround” I would consider that “the right way” because I’m quite paranoid when it comes to security :smile:… Don’t use your main Unifi account for OpenHAB, setup a second admin account in Unifi only for purposes of automation (ideally with read-only rights) and use that account instead. That account won’t have 2FA setup which is fine because if it’s read only it can’t do any damage anyway.

This is how I have it setup (even though I use textual configuration) and it works just fine.

Hope it helped.

Hello St3veV,
that is exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for any solution that will not compromise my main admin account (e.g. removing 2FA). Your idea is the solution.
Jan K.