Unknown Z-Wave+ devices in OH2 PaperUI


I have managed to add Zwave+ devices using PaperUI but they appear to be discovered as “unknown device”.
From several topics, it looks like these devices are not included into the cd-jackson-zwave-device-list database. I have checked into the Zwave database for the following devices:

–> Smoke detector from Fibaro FGSD-002: 010F:0C02:1003:3.3

–> Flood sensor from Fibaro FGFS-101: 010F:0B01:1003:3.3

An also, 2 sensors from Zipato that are not listed into the database:
–> Gas sensor ZIP-HS1CG.Z: 0131:8003:1000:1.1
–> Door multisensor ZIP-PSM02-EU: 0131:0002:000C:1.24

Can you help me with these devices? Is there something I can do manually?

Probably these devices need to be woken up in order to be fully discovered. Check the device manual which should explain how to do this.

The only device that doesn’t appear to be in the database is the gas sensor - the door sensor is this one -:

You can add devices yourself - see here.

Only 0C02:1002 is listed, so it would be great if @ThomasL01 could verify all config parameters so type and id can be added if not different to the existing entry.

Hi @chris,

Thanks for your support. Indeed the Zipato door sensor, Fibaro flood sensor are in the database but still I tried to wake up the device using the tamper button but nothing has changed. It is still recognized as “Unknown device”.
My zwave binding is “binding-zwave - 2.3.0”. Is it ok?
Can you detail how OH2 is using the DB devices? Where is the DB located and how can I check that it is up to date enough to handle these devices?

As @sihui said, the (type,id) is incorrect in the DB for the Fibaro smoke sensor, I checked the parameters for:
–> Smoke detector: (type, id) = (0C02:1003).

  • In parameter 13, it is called “SMOKE ALARM” instead of “FIRE ALARM”

  • New parameter 14,

  1. Associations in Z-Wave network security mode
    This parameter defines how commands are sent in specified association groups: as secure or non-secure. Parameter is active only in Z-Wave network security mode. It doesn’t apply to 1st Lifeline group.
    Available settings:
    0 - 15
    0 - all groups sent as non-secure
    1 - 2nd group sent as secure
    2 - 3rd group sent as secure
    4 - 4th group sent as secure
    8 - 5th group sent as secure
    Parameter values may be combined, e.g. 1+2=3 means that 2nd & 3rd group are sent as secure.
    Default setting: 15 (all groups sent as secure)
    Parameter size: 1 [byte]

Reference tothe new user manual of the smoke sensor: https://manuals.fibaro.com/content/manuals/en/FGSD-002/FGSD-002-EN-A-v1.1.pdf

–> The Zipato Gas sensor is not in the DB. I will try to add it t the database but then how do I update my OH2 to make it available?

I’m not sure - it’s hard to be 100% sure without manually checking your exact devices against the binding. If you are having problems, I would strongly suggest to update to the later binding to eliminate such errors. Then you can be sure that the database is consistent with the binding.

No - it’s not incorrect. Maybe it doesn’t have the device IDs from your device, but that definitely does not make it incorrect in the database. Many devices have different versions.

Update to the latest snapshot.

Yes, I just said that the device I own is at version 1.1 and that it is set to the version 1.0 in the DB. What should I do to make it available for the new version?

I have just done an upgrade to the latest version and still it is not available:

apt-get update && apt-get upgade openhab2 openhab2-addons

Sorry - I’m confused now. I thought that this was related to the smoke sensor (according to your mail anyway). You said you have version 3.3, and the database is not limited to version 1 - it says “All”, Maybe you are talking about another device?

What version are you using? Snapshot or stable? If it is stable, then you will still be running 2.3 - ie it will not change.

Yes the smoke sensor as referenced here: https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/129
Reference is (0C02,0002) in the DB and I am using the (0C02,0003) which, as I mentioned before, implements a new parameter: “14 Associations in Z-Wave network security mode”.

I am using the stable I guess. To switch to snapshot, should I use the snapshot released I guess?

The extra parameter is not related to the IDs - this is another issue all together and it is linked to the version - not the product IDs.

If there is a new version of firmware, then we need to add a new database entry for this device.

Yes, you should change to the snapshot if you want the latest version.

Ok thanks for your answer. As I mentioned ealier, there is the link from FIBARO new user manual of the smoke sensor https://manuals.fibaro.com/content/manuals/en/FGSD-002/FGSD-002-EN-A-v1.1.pdf. It is related to the V1.1 of their product.
Who is supposed to add this entry into the DB?

Done and working, thanks !

For the last device, the gas sensor from Zipato, I will try to follow the procedure in order to add this device into the database.

Well, anyone :slight_smile: .

We will need to create a new device from YOUR xml file for starts. Then we can copy the existing parameters into the new device and someone can add the extra parameter. If you like to do this, it would be good :slight_smile: .


There is already a similar device in the database that I suspect might be the same. There appear to be no parameters, so adding the device should be relatively simple. Any issues, just shout and we can try and help.

Ok I can try to do it, I have the XML files for each devices listed before. Should I create ticket for each device?

Can you please send me the link to this device in the DB?

If I summarized for the previous sensor:

–> Smoke detector from Fibaro FGSD-002: 010F:0C02:1003:3.3
A new parameter is available in the new version 1.1 (DB still at 1.0) and need to be updated in the DB.
–> Flood sensor from Fibaro FGFS-101: 010F:0B01:1003:3.3
–> Gas sensor ZIP-HS1CG.Z: 0131:8003:1000:1.1
Not available, have to create a new entry using the XML file.
–> Door multisensor ZIP-PSM02-EU: 0131:0002:000C:1.24

Users with edit rights to the database are able to do that, so please post it here or ask for access to the database.


Fastest way is to use the device list.

No - the devices need to be added directly to the database.

See the database guide for more information on adding devices.

Sure - it’s here, but as I said there is no information included so it doesn’t help you at all.

Ok I don’t have edit right so I cannot modify the DB. Also, as @chris said, I followed the database guide but I couldn’t find the menu to add a new device or update an existing one.

So here are the XML files:

Gas sensor:
gas_sensor.xml (5.0 KB)
Smoke detector:
smoke_sensor.xml (12.7 KB)

Is it what you are expecting?

Nope, that one is in the database!
It has type:id 0C02:1002.
In your first post you are talking about a new device with 0C02:1003, so we do need THAT xml file.

That is a little bit to easy, don’t you think?
We posted the guide to the database, so just create an account and email Chris to get edit rights.
In the future you will be glad you can add new devices to the database yourself :grinning:

Are you sure? I see these lines in the XML file:


Yes will do :slight_smile: