Unlock a tutorial thread

One of my tutorial threads is locked. Can it be permanently unlocked, like my other tutorial threads?

Why if it is a complete solution?

That change was made to prevent people from randomly injecting comments into long dead issue threads.

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But not for tutorial threads, as I understand it. And also as evidenced by some of my other older tutorial threads still being open…

That change was made a few months ago only for new threads after that time.
Here is the discussion thread.

Last post in your linked thread is February. I only started posting anything from end-March. So in theory then I should have quite a few more locked threads…

OK it would depend on how active the thread is. Any reply would reset the timer.

Yep. Again, I have open threads which have older replies than the one that is locked.

… but started earlier than this locking was introduced so it does not apply there.

I’ve unlocked your thread (but you should have been able to edit your post, no ?)

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Can you confirm exactly when this locking started, and which exact categories it applies to? If it was when Kai announced it, then that predates any of my threads.

Cheers! :+1:

Yes, but I want others to be able to ask questions about the tutorial. Unlike issues, which are immediate, tutorials are longer lasting - we get new users all the time who may want to ask a question. This also allows me to update the tutorials based on up to date feedback. Keeping queries about the tutorial within the tutorial thread seems a lot cleaner than requiring a new thread to be started.

It started the day that Kai announced it. It applies to all threads created after that time unless something is not working as expected.

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Great, so 17th February 2020!

I think something is not working as expected:

  • 1000 hours ago is 17th July 2020

  • I have started 18 threads in total. They are currently all unlocked.

    • My first ever thread was on 31st March 2020 - so after Kai’s action date
    • Seven out of the 18 threads have had no activity since well before 17th July - so presumably they should have been locked by now.
    • 17 of those threads are in sub-categories
    • 1 thread (this one) is in a main category

Only this thread, in a main category, has this warning at the bottom of the thread. None of the sub-category threads have the warning.


I will say that this suits me fine. I’m generally for keeping threads open, and especially keeping tutorial threads open as these are relevant over a long period of time. I know others disagree.

The only reason I can think of that the thread in my original request was marked to be locked was because I may have originally started it in the main Tutorials & Examples category, before moving it into the Solutions sub-category.

I’m jumping in on this conversation late. I meant to comment earlier, but I’ve been super busy for the past two months so haven’t had time for OH.

I’m in favour of threads closing, as there are still too many occasions of people responding to conversations that ended over a year ago. It’s better for them to start new threads and reference the old ones, because then people who were not involved in the original thread see a new conversation and are more likely to help them. If I see a thread that has many responses and I didn’t look at it before, I’m probably not going to look at it now.

I’d hold the same logic for tutorials. We have some tutorial threads that are just miles deep in responses, and that can be overwhelming for new users who feel like they have to read everything. And again, people who didn’t participate in the tutorial conversation won’t be inclined to jump in and help. So after the initial commentary about a tutorial, I think it’s better for people to start new threads and reference the tutorials (which will alert the tutorial owner).

If anything, we should probably start adding “start a new thread and reference this one” to our tutorials to promote the change.

All that being said, I think closing threads after one month is probably too short. Now that we’ve had it in place for awhile, I think two or three months would be better.

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