Update OH2.3 or new build?

Raspberry Pi 3B

running OH2.3 build:

I have a working system but would like to move to OH2.4 before re-configuring for a new house.

I’ve always had a few problems like exception errors in the log and the Console never worked according to the documentation, among other things.

I’m thinking it would be good to have the latest z-wave bindings before I start adding new devices, because adding devices has always been problematic.

I’m considering just building a new system on OH2.4 but I put countless hours into the current system and I’d rather not invest all that time over again.

Maybe build a new OH2.4 system and import the config of the old one?

Or alternatively, upgrade the current system and put my energy into fixing those odd errors?

Any opinions or suggestions are welcome!


Do your errors extend beyond start up?

For Z-Wave the developer strongly recommends a 2,5 version of the binding. 2.5M3 testing version appears stable except for some bindings conflicting with the REST API documentation.

Yes you should go 2.5M1 or 2.5M3 instead of 2.4. M1 is more proven so if you’re conservative go with that but M3 also seems to be working well.
Most important: read the release notes what to change when you move from 2.3 to 2.4 (or higher).
You have to delete & re-create your zwave things.

You can upgrade but since you cannot be sure where the origins of your problems are (in OH code or eventually outside, e.g. OS settings ?) I would recommend to

  • install openHABian latest image from scratch onto a new SD card
  • consider enabling ZRAM there right from the start. Also setup Amanda backup.
  • ex- and import your OH config (openhab-cli backup/restore) or recreate things via PaperUI (little additional work as you need to recreate at least the zwave device things anyway) and import the rest only.

In case of problems you can fallback to your old SD card. You cannot if you upgraded that.

I think it’s down to personal preference.
Observation of this forum reveals that people hit unexpected snags with upgrades - some time can be wasted before realizing “oh, you have to delete and re-add a Thing with that version” even if it is in the docs.

My preference is to back up, and restore the existing setup. Because that is good practice and a useful exercise anyway.
Then start a fresh install and setup, which I can bail out of.
Importing ‘old’ items/rules etc. is eased because I have chosen file-based confguring, that may influence a decision.

Remember there were major architectural and build changes between M1 & M2 as Eclipse Smart Home was integrated into OH.
M2 & M3 have both been stable for me.

Good question. I think they are recurring but need to verify

Good point. I learned to always keep an image of the current SD before doing any major changes!

So 2.5 for the whole system and skip over 2.4, or just 2.5 for the Z-wave part?

2.5M1 or 3 for the whole system.

You’ve been here awhile so you know well what you’re getting into, even going from 2.3 to 2.4, there will be things that need changed or adjusted. Obviously, starting with a backup and test on a new SD card makes good sense. 2.5 is a much improved version over 2.4 and M3 is pretty stable.
First question, do you use Hue emulation? If you do, you may want to stay with 2.3 because Hue emulation is broken in 2.5.
What Marcus said is important since you mentioned z-wave. All things will need recreated.
Here is the M3 testing thread, there are a few outstanding other issues

All milestones or just M3``? If justM3I would recommendM2. Going toM1` is just begging to go through the architecture changes later and makes it more difficult to get help from those of us tho have only used the newer systems.

I can’t remember, but I think M2 as well, Scott @5iver would know because he uses it, needed it and reverted back to the last working version of the binding to keep it going

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I scrapped hueemulation due to the changes that went into it right before the 2.4 release. It partially worked in 2.5M1, but never worked for me beyond that. Though, I wouldn’t have used it even if it did work, since it exposes ALL Items and I do not allow Alexa anywhere near my locks or garage doors. I’d been using pre 2.4 build, but I’ve switched to the new v3 Alexa skill and love it. The additional functionality is so worth it. From any room, I can say ‘Turn on the light’ or ‘Turn on the TV’ or ask the value of an Item. Love it. It’s a shame what was allowed to happen to hueemulation, but the timing of the v3 skill worked out perfectly for me.

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Next to the big Z-Wave upgrade, 2.4 introduced the MQTT 2.x binding. As a result, the MQTT 1.x binding used by OH 2.3 and earlier is uninstalled when upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4 (or later). However, you can install the MQTT 1.x binding and run it simultaneously with the MQTT 2.x binding and then slowly migrate your items to the new MQTT binding (in case you use the MQTT binding of course).


I decided to upgrade to the latest 2.5 build.
After updating the package, when I start openhab it’s still running 2.3 and shows all the old bindings.
The console bundle:list shows the old components.
But if I launch using open-cli start it launches a 2.5.0 build and then the console bundle:list shows the latest components.
Apparently I’ve got two versions on my machine. How do I get rid of the older one and launch the new one?

well that doesn’t sound good Brian, maybe start a new thread and be sure to included your platform and operating system and such so folks can help you of course thanks

The latest snapshot or Milestone 4? For stability I would not recommend the snapshots.

What OS and how did you upgrade? Are there possibly 2 different users running OpenHAB?