Update OpenHab and HAPPanel

I’m writing this for my husband how is the one who installed OPenHab and HabPanel. So I try to discribe what the problem is:
He is updating OpenHab, that is running on an RasPi 3. He had some problems with the update, including the root user being kicked out with a script. Fortunately, he backed up the hard drive.
But now to the problem I’m asking about:
He would like to move all the settings, configurations etc. from the old HABPanel to the new version. He assumes that he has to look for a place in the file system where files are stored that contain everything he needs to copy, but he can’t find anything.

Can anyone give us a tip on how to move HABPanel from the previous OpenHab version to a new one?


If you are updating from openHAB 2.x to 3.x this should get you going:

It has been awhile but I think you have to save the panel configuration or it is only stored on the device. Check out the docs for habpanel for about data persistence

Thanks! :star_struck:
We found it!!!