Update zigbee dongle Bitron AV2010

Hey, a friend of mine has some problems updating his zigbee dongle to the latest firmware.

We tried in the openhab console a list of commands. He provided me some professional “screenshots”

Updating to the Latest 3.4.0 M5 build did not bring any difference.

What command should he use now? I googled a lot and did not find a correct answer.
We found some more commands to execute using “zigbee --help” but theres no thing such like update or upgrade except for the otaupdate (which is not for dongle firmware i suppose?)

See Firmware upgrade the Bitronvideo BV 2010/10 ZigBee USB dongle

He is missing that option entirely…


zigbee firmware version

doesn’t work, he should consider upgrading his OH.

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