Upgrade BTICINO (OpenWebNet) binding to OH2 (plus new Zigbee GW support)

Hi everybody,
I was wondering if someone is already working on upgrading the BTicino / Legrand OpenWebNet binding to OH2.
If yes, I would be interested to contribute/test.

Also I would be interested to add support for the BTicino/Legrand MyHome Automation wireless gateway based on Zigbee:

"Open/ZigBee gateway for central control of the functions using Open Web Net communication protocol devices"

The gw is a USB dongle (serial)-to-OpenWebNet adapter which is not currently supported by the OH1 binding.
In fact, the binding only supports wired bus installations and F453/F454 web server-type gateways.

Thanks for any information or suggestion,

Hi there, I got no response at all to this post!

Is anyone here interested in BTicino MyHome integration with OpenHAB ?


i am also interessted in an OH2 binding!

Hi Noxe, are you interested in the MyHome wired BUS/SCS or in the MyHome Play ZigBee radio system by BTicino/Legrand?
(i.e. do you have a wired or a wireless BTicino installation?).

I am interested in binding bticino myhome play and a binding wire to communicate the 2 binding
And also for the Who = 7 for audio video
See you soon :wink:

Hi Massi - sorry, i did never got an notification via email - so i missed your answer. I have an MyHome wired BUS/SCS!

Hey. I’m also very interested in managing the Zigbee gateway. At the moment I’m controlling OH2 devices via USB dongle, but with binding exec and my python scripts. There are many problems that can not be solved yet, not enough knowledge.

Hi @moov.
Which types of BTicino ZigBee devices do you have in your zigbee network? Model names?
I am now testing the new OH2 BTicino binding and will try to share it with interested people here very soon.
The more devices are tested, the better.

Hi, I have a small legrand zigbee network, but I think it does not matter, the protocol is the same. I have only switches in the network: 067266, 67233, 67234. USB dongle Legrand 088328.

Yes, protocol is the same and it should work with your actuators (last two products: 1-unit and 2-unit switches) and the dongle, which are what is supported so far.
Auto discovery is supported.
What platform do you run OH2 on?
If you want to test the binding I could share the jar file.

Yes, I would like to receive a jar file, I will gladly test it. OH2 works on raspberry pi.

Hi massi, is not ready yet for the jar file for the test? I really want to test.

During testing some problems occurred with the underlying library to connect with the USB dongle (I used an old implementation).
So I need some more time to change the lib with a new implementation.
Will let you know here when a beta jar is available for testing.


I have made a quick and dirty addons OH2 that for now only support light through zigbee gateway. I can propose to help upgrading the bticino addons if interested.

for who is interested, I am ready to share for limited testing a beta version of the new OpenWebNet OH2 binding that supports BTicino/Legrand 1-unit and 2-unit switches (radio ZigBee), for the moment.
If you are interested send me a personal message and I will share the binding jar file.

Hello Massi,

I’m interested for the binding bticino OH2 for the test.

See you soon

What do you want to do with the bticino binding?

I have an intercom from them. And added an nello to it (nello.io)…
There is a python script which can help to add it to OH

With nello you get notified when somebody rang the bell, you can enter a time window and a geofence to open the front door.

@Mike_Klein we use the BTicino or generally OpenWebNet to control from OH2 different devices by BTicino/Legrand: lights, rolleshutters, etc.
See: http://www.bticino.com/products-catalogue/management-of-connected-lights-and-shutters/

@tagada I sent you a PM with instructions to test the binding (only ZigBee for now).
Please let me know!

I’m also interested to test your addons. I can also probably propose improvement based on what I have done on my side.