Upgrade BTICINO (OpenWebNet) binding to OH2 (plus new Zigbee GW support)

Hi @smf666, I’ve just sent you a PM with the instructions to test the binding.
Please let me know how it works.

What is you current setup?
Which BTicino Zigbee devices do you have in you environment ?

Regarding collaboration: what is the current status of your implementation ?
What are your next steps?
Do you plan to support the BUS as well, to upgrade the current BTicino binding available for OHv1.x ?


I have a working solution for ZigBee devices through serial:

  • switchs / dimmers ( dual unit considered as separe devices)
  • feedback from switchs/dimmers
    Only tested on RaspberryPi 2/3
    Next step is to support shutters
    I don’t have any legacy BUS devices so I don’t really need it but I can participate.

I can provide it if you are interested. I currently working on making it more modular.


I just release a first version of the binding :slight_smile:

Any feedback is welcome.

Hello all,
Where put the binding ?
In a few days I’ll have some time to try the massy binding and you’re binding.
The binding works only zigbee or zigbee and scs bus ?
See you soo,

Download the file : https://github.com/smf666/openhab2-addons/releases/download/2.3.0-RC1/org.openhab.binding.openwebnet-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

the path is depending on your installation. On my raspberry pi it is under /usr/share/openhab2/addons/. Whatever, put it in the same directory as the following file : openhab-addons-2.x.x.kar

Hope it will work for you any feedback will be appreciated.

The current version only supports OpenWebNet / ZigBee.

Hi All,
The binding works fine.
On the other hand I have a problem with the rfxcom.
When I restart the raspberry usb ports are mixed
Can we fix usb ports on the raspberry?

Best regards


Here you can find your answer --> http://bnordgren.org/seismo/RPi/RPi_com_port_assignment.pdf

A new snapshot available here:

Salut Antoine,

Merci pour ta réponse et les infos
Je vais tester ton nouveau binding avec des actionneurs volets roulants, et eclairage demain.
Bon week-end de paques.

Hi Antoine,
I’m testing this binding with light actuator 088306 and shutter actuator 067263.
It’s works but,
Light actuator : command on/off=> Ok ; feedback=> Ok
Shutter actuator : command up/down/stop=> Ok ; feedback=> No

See you soon

I don’t get feedback either. On my side this is linked to the shutter itself. In fact, if the shutter manage itself the end of course then there is no feedback provided by the shutter actuator. This is explained in the documentation.

On you side, do you configure the shutter course ?