Upgrade to 2.4, Bindings not showing in PaperUI

I upgraded and moved my openHAB 2.3 from a RasPI 2 to a RasPi 3B+, latest Raspibian OS and installed openHAB 2.4 from the stable package repository. I also installed the openhab2-addons using the same repository.

Everything is working fine.

The 2.4 addons kar is in the /usr/share/openhab2/addons directory

When I open Paper UI, the only bindings that I see listed are the 1.X ones.
When I do a bundle:list from the karaf console, my loaded bindings show 2.3 or 2.4.

I am getting this error every minute in my logfile, which I suspect is related.

2019-03-02 09:31:28.307 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-package-expert': No matching features for openhab-package-expert/0.0.0 2019-03-02 09:31:28.469 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-binding-hue, openhab-binding-exec, openhab-binding-nest, openhab-misc-openhabcloud, openhab-ui-habpanel, openhab-binding-mqttitude1, openhab-binding-mqtt1, openhab-binding-zigbee, openhab-action-prowl, openhab-transformation-map, openhab-ui-classic, openhab-ui-habmin, openhab-transformation-xslt, openhab-action-mqtt, openhab-misc-myopenhab, openhab-transformation-exec, openhab-binding-systeminfo, openhab-ui-paper, openhab-transformation-scale, openhab-binding-http1, openhab-binding-insteonplm1, openhab-transformation-javascript, openhab-binding-tcp1, openhab-binding-weather1, openhab-transformation-regex, openhab-transformation-jsonpath, openhab-binding-zwave, openhab-transformation-xpath, openhab-persistence-rrd4j, openhab-ui-basic, openhab-binding-ntp, openhab-action-mail, openhab-binding-astro': Unable to resolve root: missing requirement [root] osgi.identity; osgi.identity=deployer; type=karaf.feature; version="[4.1.5,4.1.5]"; filter:="(&(osgi.identity=deployer)(type=karaf.feature)(version>=4.1.5)(version<=4.1.5))" 2019-03-02 09:32:28.317 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-package-expert': No matching features for openhab-package-expert/0.0.0

When I search the forum, I see similar problems, but none with solutions that fit.

Any ideas?

Had a similar issue when upgrading from 2.3. Have you tried both rebooting and restarting OH a few times?

I have restarted OH a couple times, I have not rebooted my raspi. I will try that now.

I think I messed up, I restored a 2.3 backup into a 2.4 installation. I get several errors like this when I boot.

java.io.IOException: Error resolving artifact org.openhab.distro:distro:xml:features:2.3.0: [Could not find artifact org.openhab.distro:distro:xml:features:2.3.0 in openhab (https://dl.bintray.com/openhab/mvn/online-repo/2.4/), Could not find artifact org.openhab.distro:distro:xml:features:2.3.0 in openhab (https://dl.bintray.com/openhab/mvn/online-repo/2.4/)] : mvn:org.openhab.distro/distro/2.3.0/xml/features

The first thing to try is Clear the Cache.

Thanks!! I did the cli clean-cache, but at the same time, I powered back up my old raspi and updated it to 2.4, did a backup. Restored to the new raspi 2.4 to 2.4. All is well on the home front now.

I wish I had only done 1, I will never know what “fixed” it.