Upgraded and lost access

My Openhab suggested and upgrade in the openhabian-config menu. Afterwards i could no longer access the UI and then i started upgrading etc. in the other menues in the config. Now i can’t even access via ssh :frowning:
I get errors and it seems like the openhab service is in a restart loop - what to do?

Attached a couple of screen shots

First: Which version did you run before the update?
If openHAB < 4.0, did you install Java 17 first?

Strange that you don’t get access via ssh any longer. Please try:

sudo systemctl disable openhab.service

this will disable autostart of openHAB.
Then reboot.
Do you get ssh access back? If not, what’s the output of both commands

systemctl status ssh.service
systemctl status ssh.socket


Try an update:

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade

This will get all updates for your system.

If you got ssh back up and running, try out

sudo openhabian-config

and ensure that you have the current version (i.e. allow upgrade to the latest version of openhabian-config itself)
After that step, try to install Java 17 (Menu 40 → 45).
If successful, try to start openHAB

sudo systemctl start openhab.service

and check with

systemctl status openhab.service

if starting failed. If not, enable autostart:

sudo systemctl enable openhab.service



Tried removing the service from startup, the reboot and checked ssh.service. No luck with remote SSH, but i noticed it said listening on port 22!

Maybe thats why the update etc. does not work? seems like i have lost network on the Raspberry PI for some reason - cables etc has not been changed!

No, in fact sshd should listen on both and :: (the latter is ipv6 all interfaces, the former is all ipv4 interfaces)

Do you have a valid ip address? (output of ip a | grep inet should give at least two lines for inet (localhost and external) and three lines for inet6 (loopback, link local and the “real” ipv6 address)

If not, maybe dhcp is not longer working, so take a look at

systemctl status dhcpd.service

and if its failing, maybe this thread is helpful: