Use EventSource to Listen event from openHAB

I try to listen a changing of items from openHAB with EventSource by a client i coded by VueJS. But no message can be receive from openHAB and i got data of var es = new EventSource('http://localhost:8080/rest/events/state) is
EventSource {url: “http://localhost:8080/rest/events/states”, withCredentials: false, readyState: 0, onopen: null, onmessage: null, … in console. Anyone have a solution for this. Thanks all !!!

  1. you need session cookie first
  2. then you receive uuid
  3. finally you POST list of items to /rest/states/$uuid
  4. you start receiving events


when i session cookie, i got CORS error. This error is Cross-Origin Resource Sharing error InvalidAllowCredentials but i had written like this in ES setup section:

let es = new EventSource(
		withCredentials: true,
			'Access-Control-Allow-Credentials': true,
			"Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "http://localhost:8081"

port 8081 is my client port

Apparently OH does not return valid CORS headers for your client. Given that you use distinct ports web browser will complain.

Have a look on this: Cors problem - #2 by Fab4guy. There were some fixes also for authorization headers, however in your case it should not apply (since you rely on cookie which is set per domain name).


how can i find file runtime.cfg when i install openHAB on Docker ?

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