Use "Image"-Item as Icon in sitemap

Dear community,

I’m quite new to the whole openhab topic and i’m stuck on a very specific topic related to icons.

I am using the “Weather Underground” binding to receiver weather information, this binding has a channel which provide the current “weather icon” (sun,cloud,fog,etc.) as an image:

Image  WeatherIcon "Icon"                  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:NNN:current#icon"}
Number Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:NNN:current#temperature"}

Now I would like to use that “Image” as an “Icon” in the sitemap like this, which does not work:

Text item=Temperature label="Temperature" icon=WeatherIcon

Is anyone aware of a a way to accomplish this?

Thank you,

This is not possible.

OK, thanks. Then I will have to use dynamic icons based on a string containing the weather conditions.

Shows how to download the icons and set up Rules to copy the icon returned by the icon field to a named dynamic icon which will then show up in your sitemap. I’ve run this way since writing that posting and it has worked great.

I’m also experiencing odd values displayed by the original wunderground binding, I will try your approuch using the HTTP Binding

One word of warning, I think Wunderground has changed their JSON a bit. I’m getting periodic errors when I need to parse the forecast JSON. You might need to make adjustments.

Wondering if this has ever made it to a feature request. Unfortunately I am not that skilled to contribute. Is there a wish list somewhere? Greetings & THX

Doubt it. You would need to spell out what “it” you mean.

The question with what this thread was started: “Use “Image”-Item as Icon in sitemap” - Details in post #1 :slight_smile: