Use video stream from ipcamera binding on Echo Show

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Thread title says it all - I’m wondering if Echo Show can show a video stream from an OpenHAB ipcamera binding item.
I can see the video stream in MainUI and the item is found as type CAMERA in the Alexa app, but neither the app nor the Echo Show can display the camera stream.


Hopefully someone that knows how to do it will post as I dont really know if it can be done.

There is this similar thread see here.

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I believe Alexa can show a jpg or a mp4 recording, but the issue is starting a live feed as you need RTSP or WebRTC to do it and it needs to be via HTTPS with a valid signed cert.

If you want 2 way audio then you must use webRTC according to the Alexa API docs.

I saw some people mention using on the web to trigger routines and send video, but my guess is it may need to be mp4. The ipcamera binding can create mp4 recordings from any camera that has a rtsp feed or other type of feed that ffmpeg can use.

Its also difficult to know if this is possible to do in all countries as some of the Alexa stuff only works if you select your in a country they allow the feature to work in.

With Google Home and Chromecast devices it is easy to do as they support HLS streams which the binding can create. Using a tablet on the wall with the main UI and a widget is probably a better long term alternative and may end up cheaper.

If I read this correct, protocols RTSP and HLS are supported, so we’d be good on that end.
I’m not sure how the Alexa-certified cameras like Blink etc. handle this (if they need to be certified for using a stream or what not), but since they offer the functionality for skill devs and we can set up our items as CAMERA, my naive hope would be that there is a way and I’m just not smart enough to figure it out :laughing:

I’m with you on the tablet approach btw and also using MainUI for a video stream, but since I got an Echo Show in my office room I was wondering if this would actually be possible.

I found this for you as it looks like CameraStreamController is soon to be added:

Major code refactoring by jsetton · Pull Request #394 · openhab/openhab-alexa (

It may be possible to use to do it in the meantime and whilst it is in Beta the skill is free.

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This is a skill that seems to act as an interface :
Most probably nothing for people with security concerns as the cams credentials need to be entered.