Using Buzzer Funktion from nello

Hello Everybody,

I bought an Nello One. Mainly to hear the door bell in the garden. Because I have OpenHAB and Alexa - I implemented (with nello public API and IFTTT Webhook) that Alexa talk to me, if somebody is on the door.

Works perfektly.

My next step is to open the door without the nello skill (because you have to say a pin before the door is open) via openhab. I found also this thread: Nello.IO Remote Intercom Integration (Solved)
But my problem; I don’t know how I can create an Docker Container with MQTT!?

Generally I can open the door remote with postman and the Access token with “PUT”. But how can I implement It to Openhab?

Had anybody done that already and kan help?

Thank you!

The documentation for that bridge shows you how to run the bridge in a Docker container.

docker run --name nello -d --restart=always -e -e NELLO_PASSWORD=password -e MQTT_TOPIC=home/nello -e MQTT_BROKER=localhost -e MQTT_USER=myusernmae -e MQTT_PASSWORD=mysecret salanki/nello-mqtt:latest

The DockerHub page for Mosquitto tells you everything you need to know to run that MQTT Broker in a Docker container.

docker run -it -p 1883:1883 -p 9001:9001 -v mosquitto.conf:/mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf -v /mosquitto/data -v /mosquitto/log eclipse-mosquitto

You can look at the docker run documentation for a full explanation for each of the command line arguments to choose those that work best for your needs.