Using Caddx Binding to ARM or DISARM alarm in either EXIT or STAY mode


I have finally managed to get my CADDX binding etc working on Partition 1 of my larm system (NX8e) with expansion.

Was not able to get the discovery to work, so used the .items, .things and .sitemap examples from the documentation to make it work.

I am however not clear on how I would get to be able to ARM/DISARM my alarm using the Binding.

The “Armed” and “Entry Guard” status is displayed accurately, but just as Text (OFF/ON), so how do I toggle to ARM/DISARM and what about the PIN to DISARM?

Do I have to use a different Channel, and if so, which one?

Any help would be appreciated.


Please see: New Binding for Caddx alarm panels [NX584, NX8e, ...]