Using Comet Dect and fritzaha Bindung

Hello and sorry for my bad english :smiley:

is use openhab 1.8 and my fritzaha binding works fine for my dect 200 Switches. My Question ist, kann i read and set the states from my HKRs.

Read the actualy Temperature works fine by same configruation also dect 200.


AVM descripe, you can get/set:

  • gettemperature = room temperature = works
  • gethkrtsoll = actualy soll temperature and
  • sethkrtsoll = set new soll temperature (works also as shut down heating or shut on heating)

Thanks for your informations, i found nothing at the forum and at google :-/


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yes you can read it the same way like from DECT Repeater, but setting is not available yet
e.g. fritzaha=fritzbox,117950343344,temperature

i would welcome it also very much if setting “tsoll” would be implemented


Hey there, have a look at this thread: Fritzbox Comet Dect Thermostat.