Using DHT11 with MQTT

Hi everyone.I’m new in OH and a I have a little problem.
First I followed this tutorial to install mosquitto:

Then, this tutorial:

But I had 2 problems:

1- I can’t, the

automatically start at boot, I added the file to rc.local but nothing happens. Then, once started the system run ./ manually and mqtt runs perfectly.

2-Running mqtt correctly and having the readings of the values. I can’t transfer those values to my OpenHab. With MQTTLens I can also see the values of humidity and temperature (attached image below)

This is my setup in Openhab


sitemap demo label="Menú"
Frame label="Habitación" {
		Default item=Cupboard_temp
        Default item=Cupboard_humidity


 Number Cupboard_temp "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> {mqtt="<[mosquitto:habitacion/temperature1:state:default]"}
 Number Cupboard_humidity "Humidity [%.0f %%]" <line> {mqtt="<[mosquitto:habitacion/humidity1:state:default]"}

Things: No.
No mqtt.cfg file.
Install binding-mqtt via PaperUI.

I’ve also tried this delivery without any results.

Any help?

I’m using Rpi 3 B+ with Raspbian and OpenHAB 2.4

Thanks for your help!

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No MQTT.cfg file points to the new MQTT binding, the syntax for the item to the MQTT Version 1 binding!

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Can you help me with the syntax of mqtt binding 2? What would be the correct way to write it?

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Search this forum for clues. Search mqtt2 in the tutorial section. I’m on phone so best I can do right now but you have to create a generic mqtt thing

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Have a look into the documentation.
Much depends on how your device is reporting the values, or better how the mqtt message is setup.