Using HABMin rules in HABPanel


I’ve created a rule using the graphical rule engine in HABMin. I’d like to trigger it from a button created in HABPanel.

Is this possible? If so, any pointers?

Thank you.


First, note that I think the graphical rules creator in HABmin is deprecated. I know it has not been updated for OH 2 as it generates OH 1.x style rules.

Create an Design Pattern: Unbound Item (aka Virtual Item) and have commands to that Item be a trigger on the Rule.

Thank you @rlkoshak for your response.

A great shame as when I saw the visual graphical rules creator, it kept me interested in OpenHAB, as I assume these “Design Patterns” are essentially scripts, written in the CLI.

I’ve found several articles and posts on what DP’s are and even what the contents may look like, but I haven’t found anything that states how and where to create them. Any pointers here?

From the beginner pages of the documentation, I learnt about creating rules in conf/rules/, so what is the difference between rules and DP’s?

Thanks again.

DP stands for “Design Pattern”. Design Pattern: What is a Design Pattern and How Do I Use Them. Put another way, a DP is a chunk of code that can be copied into one of your .rules files and modified to meet your needs.

Pay attention to the “What Should I Know to Use a DP.” You can get this from:

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Thanks again @rlkoshak. One more questions, if I may:

I don’t suppose there is an IDE / ISE with ‘intellisense’ (Microsoft Visual Studio / Code term) ?


(IDE / ISE = Integrated development / scripting environment)