Using OH1 binding not working

Hi all

I finally found some time to test the Koubachi addon discussed [here] (Koubachi not supporting new values) in a fresh OH2 installation.

As I understand from the Getting Started guide and the forum posts, I simply need to drop the OH1 jar file into the addons folder. I’m not sure if the config file in conf/services/ should be automatically generated. So I manually generated a file called ‘koubachi.cfg’ and copied the two lines from my old config, without the namespace.

But the addon is not displayed in the paper UI under Configuration -> Bindings. Is there anything else I need to do? Already restarted.


Only OH2-bindings appears under the Paper UI Page.

For displaying all loaded bindings please use at the OH2-command-prompt:
bundle:list -s | grep openhab

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Ah, OK! I can see the koubachi binding here. I’ll try to include an item and see if it works then. Thanks

As described in the other post, the binding works in OH2. Thanks!