ValloxMV Binding is not showing up in Configuration > Bindings after binding installation / OH 2.5

Platform information:
Hardware: x86_64
OS: CentOS 8
Java Runtime Environment: Zulu 8
openHAB version: 2.5.0 (openhab2-2.5.0-1.noarch package)
ValloxMV binding do not show up in Configuration > Bindings in Paper UI after installation. Tested few other bindings (e.g. Astro) which seem to be showing up properly, but ValloxMV is not.
Downgraded to OH 2.4 where ValloxMV binding is can be found in Configuration > Bindings after installing it.
Removed OH and installed OH 2.5.0 again, ValloxMV is not showing up in Configuration > Bindings.

In the events.log it can be seen that binding is installed:
Extension ‘binding-valloxmv’ has been installed.

Did you read this already? New Binding: Vallox MV ventilation unit series (BETA!)

Thx - so apparently issue with Binding itself.

Meanwhile would you be willing to test this? New Vallox Binding [WIP]