Velbus - simulate buttonpress VMBGPOD


i have programed some functions like “away” in the velbuslink software.
This function shutdowns all of the lights in the house, it’s like all off function.

Now i want a button in openhab which is linked to that channel of the VMBGPOD.
This is now done, but velbus don’t receives any commands on the bus.

Is this implemented?

Unlike the OpenRemote Velbus integration, it’s not possible to mimick button events within Velbus from openHAB2.

The only alternative is to copy your Velbus actions to virtual relays in Velbus and get openHAB2 to toggle the relay channels.

You could create actions within VelbusLink that switch off other virtual relays.

  • VR1 = Program Group 1 in various modules & Switch off VR2 & VR3

  • VR2 = Program Group 2 in various modules & Switch off VR1 & VR3

  • VR3 = Program Group 3 in various modules & Switch off VR1 & VR2

Or a VR to trigger your “All Off” / Away state.

(Obviously you’d need to create a rule in openHAB2 to act as a timer to switch that VR off again, because the openHAB2 methodology does not permit per channel timers in things)

This would also persist the status in openHAB2, so you could also use switch widgets in your UI to show the status.


You could try this —