[Velbus] VMBPIRM Only CH3 supported


While trying to exploit more of my velbus system in openhab i came to the conlusion that of the VMBPIRM module only channel 3 is usable.
I setup a test in Node red to see what the channels do, and only channel 3 reacts to a trigger. Even tough i can clearly see in velbus link the channels are triggerd.
I created an item to be sure of all 4 channels, setup the same way to get the same outcome but for some reason i cannot get it to work.

Is this function missing perhaps ?
Video per clarification.

What i also do find weird, but yet everything works. Openahb does not show me the “state” of the PIR. It always shows “Null”

Openhab version : openHAB 3.4.3
Velbus binding: 3.4.3

Where do i start in fixing this ? :slight_smile:
Mdarr ?

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I’m away until the end of this week, I’ll try to get to it when I get back.

I’ve taken a look at the problem and I found the reason.
The code was written with the postulate that only 1 channel is in an event packet.
But if I look in the packet sent by a VMBPIRM module, all the triggered channels are present in the same packet.
I’ve updated the code, but it will be only available in the next release (4.0) of OpenHAB.

I’ve to create a compiled version for the release 3.4.3 of OpenHAB.
But you will need to add the specific jar file in the add-ons folder and activate it on your own with the OpenHaB console.


I only achieved to compile for the version 3.4.5.
jar file available here.
EDIT : I faced a problem with my repository, I had to remove it and recreate it. The modification is implemented in the last PR to OpenHAB.

Thanks for taking care of this Daniel.

In case anyone else is curious, this happens to save time.
Up to Eight channel updates can happen in the same message, simply because each channel is represented by a single bit, in (up to) three bytes of the package. {Depending on module type}

Hi @NubCake

Has Daniel’s fix worked the magic for you?