Velux or Fakro?

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I’m replacing a ceiling/roof window at my house and have the option to select an electrical window from Fakro or Velux. Is there anyone here with experience of using any of them with openhab that could help me select which one to go with?


I’ve just configured some Velux Integra windows for a client.

As far as I can make out, there is no way to directly control them over TCP (for example).

They need a Velux central controller, called a KLF200

This has sets of contact closures for operating the 5 Velux window groups. (You can put as many windows as you like into each group)

Wiring PDF

I connected a bank of small relays to the contact closures to give control from Velbus and OpenHab2

I hope this helps.


Keyline don’t (as yet) have any kind of central controller, only RF remotes.

Fakro I don’t know but I’d suggest to not go with Velux as they’ll lock you into their proprietary solution, the iohomecontrol stuff being the worst in this regard I’ve ever seen to date.
You’ll be having a hard time when there’s a need for repair or replacement and seamless integration into OH.

Get the windows with the motor only (without the RF receiver parts and controller). Hook them up to an actuator of some standards based HA system such as KNX or ZWave (probably the latter as that’s wireless and cheaper to start with).

Hi Markus
I have no knowledge of any of the windows, but it appears as the Fakro window is available with a z-wave module. That’s not proprietary, right? My original plan was to go with the Fakro window, but the contractor suggested the Velux window instead since it’s designed to better withstand moisture (bathroom installation).

Thanks Stuart. I was afraid some extra hardware/bridge would be necessary…

But at least you know what it is now :smile:

Not quite true.
There is a Velux binding for the KLF200. But it´s limited to 32 scenes only.
Howvever - News are coming, Velux have made an new firmware for the KLF200, with a “real” API. This looks really promising.

Regard wether to select Velux or Fakro… Fakro have Z-wave windows. I havnt tried though. But at least this is a very good supported interface for working with openhab. I would contact Fakro and ask to get a communication module to test with a Z-wave controller. I dont know if these windows have been added to the database yet, but that should be the least.

Indeed, seems that it should work with any ZWave controller such as your openHAB box (to have a RaZberry board or Aeon USB stick, search the forum, there’s many posts on ZWave).
And since that’ll allow for automating opening those windows to ventilate your bathroom, they will have to withstand a lot less moisture :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Where can I find this Velux binding your talking about?

Update :::

It’s okay, I’ve found it :slight_smile:

No problem, I moved it to the hardware section and added some tags.

Fakro supports Z-Wave for the roller shutters, blinds and window opening actuator. They stick to Z-Wave, they don’t use Z-Wave Plus.

I use an inexpensive Z-Wave ZME EU USB stick.

You can either use a ZWP10 remote (5 channels x 2) and use the Z-Wave USB stick as slave (include it from the ZWP10 remote), or you can configure the Z-Wave USB stick as master (but then I’d recommend using a Z-Wave management tool). In the latter case, there’s no real need for getting the ZWP10 remote, unless you also want to operate the windows, blinds or roller shutters without OpenHAB.

The Fakro roller shutters will calibrate their “fully up” and “fully down” positions automatically. You can only fully open, fully close or stop the blinds. You can’t set a percentage value for partial opening/closing the blinds. Or at least, I couldn’t yet find a way to get them working.

One note: it appears that the Fakro roller shutters are being identified as 12V ZWS window actuators. That’s mostly a cosmetic problem as they will work, even though they’re incorrectly reported.

That’s what you should do. Devices will send notifications to the master only.
Habmin should be able to do the trick for you.

If you refer to the “12V” in the name but have 230VAC ones please correct this in the database.
Rename it to ZWS12_ZWS230 or just ZWS as it seems they are both using the same identifier.
Eventually also add a device entry for the remote if you have one.

Sadly, my Fakro ARZ Z-Wave roller shutters are invariably (mis)identified as Fakro ZWS12 Chain Actuator:

dbReference 325
defaultAssociations 1
manufacturerId 0085
manufacturerRef 0002:0001,0003:0001,0011:0001
modelId ZWS12
vendor Fakro
zwave_beaming true
zwave_class_basic BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE
zwave_deviceid 1
zwave_devicetype 3
zwave_frequent false
zwave_lastheal 2019-03-06T01:15:49Z
zwave_listening true

I suppose that either Fakro misreported the Z-Wave product identifiers in their certification report.

For the Fakro ZWP10 remotes, I am still out of luck as they’re not being identified by OpenHAB (although I’d love to monitor their battery level):

zwave_beaming true
zwave_class_basic BASIC_TYPE_CONTROLLER
zwave_frequent false
zwave_listening false
zwave_nodeid 5
zwave_routing false
zwave_secure false
zwave_version 0.0

I just quickIy looked at the DB but noticed that entry 325 sort of looked incomplete to me.
There also was another entry I think #777 to have the same (?) name but way more data.
But no need to take action if #325 works for you.

Someone has to be the first to add a device. Can you add it to the database and upload your .xml.
Then get an updated openHAB snapshot to contain that DB update.