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Hi openHAB Experts,

I am totally new to OpenHAB and never used any Linux System. I got openhab installed on a raspberry and running, but I am struggling with the setup of Visual Studio Code on my Windows 10.
The VS is running, I installed the openhab binding in it. But I can’t find the openhab folder structure. Neither is openhab displayed in my Windows network. Do I have to type something on the raspberry?

First try to just type \\openhabianpi in the folder field in windows explorer and see if it finds anything.

Edit: I’m on windows 7 on this computer, but should look about the same on 10.

You need to set up a Samba share, either through openHABian config (if you are using openHABian) or manually if you are using a repository installation or a manual installation:

Thank you both. Its working now.

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Grr, now I get an error message when I want to save an item:

Error saving ‘’: Insufficient access rights. Select ‘Repeat as admin’ to repeat the process as admin.

Of course I opened VSC as admin.

Any solutions?

You need to add the openhab user to the samba service and provide a password.
Double check all the steps in the link above.