VoiceRSS account deleted?

Over the weekend my TTS using VoiceRSS stopped working - investigating I found tracebacks in the logs due to the API key not being available. Logging into my account at VoiceRSS failed as my details were unknown - I had to re-create an account and get a new API key. This was the free service - is this a common thing that free accounts get removed periodically, or something change at thier end?
Only been using it for a few months so still learning how this all works…


I don’t know if it is common, but I observed the same today.

Reported the issue to VoiceRSS.

Got a feedback:

Recently, our hosting provider had electricity outage because of an extreme weather conditions in their area.
Now our service is running again.
However, during restore the system some accounts were not restored because they are corrupted.
Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

TTS was no more working since this weekend. Probably for the same reason !

Same for me, just created a new account and I’m back running again. I’ll be looking into creating a new rule now to check the status of my account.

I have created a new account as well, WORKING!
Stated that to VoiceRSS in the mail and got no complaints!