[void] Support openHAB through affiliate links?

As the openHAB Foundation is a non-profit donation-financed organisation run by volunteers, I was wondering if there were some affiliate links to earn OH some additional budget.
Those could be listed on the openhab.org website at the donation section, sorted by country.
Not sure if OH qualifies for such programs though or if OH intentionally wants to avoid it to avoid the impression of financial dependence…

No, that‘s not possible. Affiliate links is like advertising. So the money we could „earn“ is no donation, therefore we would put our non-profit status at risk.

Okay, thanks for the explanation.

But you could use smile.amazon.de and let amazon send the donation to the oh foundation(but it’s not much…)

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I think there is already a amazon smile integration existing.
We had some thread about it somewhere.


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