Volvo Oncall binding

@glhopital I do not understand how to start Heater in the new binding.

Where is the source so i can help with documentation so we can release in 2.5.


The code of the or is here: to be exact it’s here in the repository:

@glhopital Vehicle Item does not reconnect after failed connection.


Yes, I’ll make a general update of the binding as soon as I’ve got a moment.

Where is the compiled variant? I would love to test this, great work already!

Hello, I own a Volvo XC90 (2018) and would like to control heater etc. by Openhab too. That is a very interesting function I would really like to use it. What do I have to do to get it to work? I cannot find a binding to download. Your help would be very appreciated.

Thanks and regards

I too, would like to download a compiled version of this binding. Where can we find it?

This binding works very well. Had things up and running quickly, but I’m missing the information on battery charge status at the moment. I found in the code that these items are retreivable from the oncall service, but not built into the binding yet. How do we request for this feature to be created? I think this would be on any PHEV driver’s wishlist…


I wanted to ask whether there is a compiled version of the binding available that can be downloaded and used. Thanks for a hint.


I am using OH 2.5 M3 with the according volvooncall binding.
However, my heater always responds with NULL.
Means, even if the state was OFF (through persistence startup values) the binding updates it to NULL
Is this a known issue?

EDIT: @glhopital:
Or is this an open point on your “todo” List ? :wink:

I have nothing on my todo list on VOC currently. File an issue in github so I’ll take it in account next modification round :wink:

Alright - thanks :slight_smile:

I am struggling with the actions:
When I use the code from the doc website (getActions stuff).
actions returns:
2019-09-28 08:10:00.086 [INFO ] [] - ******** Available car actions: org.openhab.binding.volvooncall.internal.action.VolvoOnCallActions@d0d1c

What is the action to e.g. close the car in a regular rule file?

Sorry, I don’t get it.

Is someone using the action commands in a regular rule?
Sharing rule syntax would be greatly appreciated.

Currently running Openhab 2.4.0, and I am not able to upgrade to 2.5M3 as other bindings I use do not handle the upgrade. As the voc 2.5 version apparently does not run on Openhab 2.4.0 (at least I get some errors), I’m still on the voc 2.4 version.

Is it possible to manually implement the same channels as for the 2.5 version into the 2.4 version through .items file? If so, anyone willing to share the items file? Looking to get channels for heater, motor etc, and hopefully be able to include these channels in rules (heater start etc).

Take a look here here

Probably a stupid question, but do I install this by only copying the jar-file to the addons directory? Or do I need to copy other files as well?

The jar file must be self sufficient

Currently I am using a python script (voc-to-mqtt) to connect to VoC and publish the data via mqtt to OpenHAB.
This is working fine but I prefer to move to this binding since it connects directly to VoC. (kudos for that!)

What I see when using the binding is that not all information is available compared to what I am used to in my current setup. (tyre pressure, PHEV info and some small data that is useful for me)

@glhopital do you mind if I create a pull request for that data or is it something you already have done locally (or plannend to)