Vorwerk VR200 and GPIOs after migrating from OH2 to OH3


i’ve got issues with two bindings i used with OH 2.5 after upgrding to OH 3:

  1. Neato Binding:

I’m using a Vorwerk VR200 in OH2. After upgrading to OH3 the binding shows a CommError “Could not find robot_serial for specified vendor_name”. I manually added “vendor: vorwerk” in the code tab of the thing configuration, but it doesnt help. Is the VR200 no more supported under OH3?

  1. GPIO Binding to use the Raspberry GPIOs

Where has this binding gone? I can’t find it under add new binding?
I’m using the GPIOs to control my rollershutters.

There is an issue about adding VR200 ([neato] Please add Vorwerk robots · Issue #4264 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub), and there seems to be a custom build version for openHAB 2 that contained the support. So it looks like there is no support in OH3 at the moment.

The GPIO binding was an openHAB 1 version, and that isn’t supported. There is still a pr open for a new openHAB 2/3 version. So it looks like there is no support in OH3 at the moment.

@Vectorfox you could use my MQTTany software to access the GPIO pins. It communicates over MQTT so can be use on the same device or a remote one.

Ok, thanks. So i will keep OH2 in the future. I also found some other things and rules that don’t work anymore. I have all my things, items and rules in sorted files which is clearer for my to manage than the new Main UI.