[VSC] Item and Thing Type symbols missing

I am missing the icons in front of the items and things when displaying them on the lefthand sidebar.
See this screenshot:

Looking at the examples in the README I would expect icons like a folder (for groups) and specific ones for different item types in front of the text.
What could be missing? The connecting to the openHAB instance is working (the actual values are displayed).

You need to select the openHAB theme in your “Set File Icon Theme” settings:


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Thanks for the reply!

Selecting the openHAB theme did give me the icons for all the openHAB files, however the icons for the items and things remain blank (I did a restart of VSC!).

Those screenshots are kind of old, but that doesn’t matter.
There were icons sometime and there should be icons.

I indeed didn’t check/recognise this so far, but it seems that those icons are missing for the explorer views.
could you open a bug issue in the github repo please.


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It indeed tries to laod the icons, but they are not found.
Paths look good so far.

Hey @opus,

Could you do me a favor and cross test the version appended to the issue comment linked below:

I think i have found the reason and got them working again for things explorer,
but a second opinion would be nice. :slight_smile:

Please notice that i have adpated it only for things on root tree level for testing.
If you expand some things the corresponding channels will still have no icon.


Will do, but not tonight.

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Extension build with fixed bug for testing available here:

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Just a question from a novice :slightly_smiling_face:.
Is there an update available for this extension in the next future ?

Why? Something not working at your setup? Or just the missing symbols (which is just cosmetic)?

Good question ! One can see it as cosmetic, but from my point of view it is more. And I think that the reasons of the developers to have that feature were no cosmetic reasons.

With this icons it is possible to see if a Thing is online or not. But also you can see, if your channels are linked to an item or not, so it is very helpful to create an item(s) from a channel(s) via the context menue.

And for example one can see channels which are not linked to an item but are not shown in PaperUI.

So for me this is a very helpful icon(function) and I think this was (is) for many others too.

I first posted my observation in the german community, but then I found this topic here.

All of that are valid points, but all your points can be achieved through PaperUI or HABmin, too.
So I think there is no need to put pressure on the developers.

The new beta extension has a fix for this included and will be released in nearer future. Please have a look at the corresponding thread and feel free to test the beta. :slight_smile:




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Thx for reply. That’s good news, but I won’t set you “under pressure” :wink:. My last post was just meant as a question.