VSCode Extension - 0.7.0-beta for testing available

I want to increase the release cycles again, so here it is.

You can get version 0.7.0-beta here:

Just download the build artifact as shown in the screenshot below.

Main changes

  • Hover Info cache is now updated after an items file has been changed
  • Pull up the needed vscode version. (We are supporting the last 5 vscode releases for now)
  • Fix missing TreeView icons (Items-/Things-Explorer)
    [VSC] Item and Thing Type symbols missing
  • Internal stuff
    – tslint fixes, fix for generated minichangelog, update extension related files
    – Automated github release and marketplace publish pipeline
    This will allow us to trigger a release build, which will add a github release and marketplace upload immediately after succes.

Happy testing and feedback welcome as usual.
I would like to add a new release before Fosdem in the first weekend of February.



Hi all,

No response for 8 days but already some downlads and likes for the thread.

Seems to me that we are pretty stable and no one did report bigger bugs so far.

If you have tested the beta and it works good so far, please give some feedback too here. That would be nice. :slight_smile:

Downloaded yesterday to test with new Code-Server release, no issues so far. Good Job !!!


sorry for stupid question but how do I go about getting this working with vscode? I’ve downloaded the files and I see a .vsix file
hold on
I’m going to answer my own stupid question for the benefit of the community

instruction on how to load from vsix file

off to test
Thanks Jerome

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I have installed from vsix dozens of times. Maybe that’s the reason for not explaining this.

But I wanted to prepare a “hey here’s a new beta” post as snippet for my own usage anyway. So it should be no problem to just add your posted link for upcoming betas with the announcement.

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The beta is working for me like charm, all icons for Items and Things are displayed!

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Thanks for all feedback so far. I will then push a new release to GitHub and the marketplace next days.


For clarity, if anyone can help?

When this uhh normal marketplace release happens, might I expect a prompt in VSCode to allow update of the extension? Is there anything I need to allow for my installation to check for this?

I am not sure about installations that have been made via file by the beta testers.

For users of the existing marketplace extension it should at least get displayed as an available update from the extension tab.
But I think I have also seen some kind of prompt for other extensions in the past.

I will install the beta an test it myself.
Anyways I will of course add a post here or maybe some announcement thread in the category to inform more people about the possibility to Check for updates. :slightly_smiling_face:


OK i have added the 0.7.0 release now and it will be available in the marketplace soon.

Closing this thread now.