VW connect with ioBroker connected to OpenHAB via MQTT

Hi there,

I tried to use the connected car binding with my Skoda Enyaq but it didn’t work and looked for alternatives.
It might be the issue that the Skoda app and interface often have issues… and not sure about this “solution” if it will be of permanent use. Anyhow, short description how I did it. And the interface should also work for other cars like Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and some others.

So in principle, one needs following:

ioBroker with VW connect & MQTT adapter
and a piece of hardware to run it.

I had an idling PI4, installed node.js version 12
Then installed ioBroker in latest version. Once it is installed, you log in via the web application, go to “adapter” and install:
vw connect (just type in the search and it will find it)
then MQTT broker/client.

When installed, on the VW connect adapter, you only need to maintain your user for the api (which is the same like for the connect platform/car app etc). This is done in the “instance/Instanzen” section of the web interface.
Then the 2nd adapter, the MQTT. Same procedure. Install via adapter, then go to instances and configure.
In the connection secion of MQTT you need to maintain your server, in the MQTT-settings section I publish all topics with “vw-connect.0.*” in the “Mask to publish own states”
Rest should be self explaining. If you need more, I can tell you more :wink:

Then if you have a working MQTT installed, just add things manually in OpenHAB as usual or if you have a more fancy environment, potentially it autodetects it in OpenHAB. I did it manually and added a Thing and configured a few values.

I did not find a step-by-step guide. Was made aware of the ioBroker and VW connect yesterday and after a short google search found this (unfortunately in German):

This explains the installation of ioBroker and node.js (be aware that 12 is latest version, so make sure you install 12 (and not 10 like in the comand).

And the 2nd link - also German is the VW connect

But really, the most important part is the first link, if you just go onto your RasPi and execute the comands. There is no real docu at least not easy to find. And also the usage of ioBroker is somehow difficult if you do it first time. But I think with my hints from the top, it is a install and “forget”. As we wanted to do this anyhow in OpenHAB.
At least a workaround until the ConnectedCar Binding is fixed or supports Skoda again. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone. I know how hard it is to maintain a binding and cater with all the changes all around happening…

Update: almost forgot; there are adapters to have openHAB and ioBroker integrated. Not sure if this makes things easier or not. I am a huge fan of MQTT and this was easiest for me. If you have zero understanding of MQTT this might be hard to do.

Update2: the way back should also possible, to set certain values like climate etc. Not tested yet

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here are some screenshots to my guide on post 1

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