Wall mounted touchscreen

Hi there,

so I want to upgrade my parents house to OH. I started with a test installation on a Intel NUC PC, wich works great for 3 month now.
The house is more or less completely controlled by KNX (16 KNX relais, 4 shutters, a lot of switches). At this point I would like to replace the KNX Siemens Bus Monitor with an OH capable touchscreen.
Here are the requirements for the touchscreen:

  • high availability
  • 10inch minimum
  • don’t pry out the wall (little screws are ok)
  • cool looking (flat look, not like mounting a thick monitor on the wall)

This is my current idea: https://www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1280#!/14-HDMI-interface-LCD-with-capacitive-touchscreen/p/36248806/category=3094861
I would build i frame by myself and operating it with a RPi3. I think this would fit in hole right now.
I worry about the availability, cause its a RPi but in dont have any other ideas.
You guys got a better idea? Please let me hear!


Here some pics of the wall and the current KNX Monitor, placed a RPi for size comparison

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Worth to read:

Yeah I read this already.
But a tablet is not a solution for me.
Mostly too small screens, not very high available, thick, wall mount complicated?

You guys have any more ideas for a more dedicated solution?