Water monitoring widget

Hello i have zero coding skills but i need a widget for my water monitoring.
I am using a knx and recvining the data from my pressure sensor as hpa.
How i can write a widget , i searched now for atleast 2 weeks for some examples or solutions but couldnt find anaything similair to my case.
I want show the water level in percentage .
Like this:

You want a chart, not a widget, I think. Chart Pages | openHAB and oh-chart - Chart | openHAB

Though a dial widget might fit the requirement. oh-knob-card - Knob Card | openHAB You can make it read only.

Thank you very much , i will try your suggestions .

A vertical slider (e.g. [Solved] Vertical slider in widget - not working for me) might be an option.

i found this printer widget is it possible that i removes the other scales and use only 1 its working perfectly to show my water level just dont need to show it 4 times :sweat_smile:

I use a custom widget with a progress bar to show the water level for my watering system.
Is this what you need?

Furthermore 2 animated progress-bars which are activated during the filling process or while irrigation is active.

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hello yes thats what i was thinking of :grin: