We really need a Geeni/ Mercury binding

Does anyone know if there is a way to use Mercury bulbs? I saw there was a work around but it was only available if you have an android device.

As well as that, is there somewhere I can request a new binding. For someone like myself who is just getting into smart home systems, Mercury bulbs are the way to go for getting into the swing of things due to them being easy to use and budget friendly compared to some other options that are more expensive and already have bindings.

openHAB is an open source project completely developed by engineers. You can request a binding but it will take finding someone who both has these bulbs and has the desire to create a binding for them to get one built. There is a bounty source where you can put up some money that will go to a developer who codes such a binding but that isn’t a guarantee either.

In this particular case, Geeni does not appear to provide an API so a binding might be impossible. At a minimum, interacting with these bulbs with their default firmware will require reverse engineering their communications, with fingers crossed that the message traffic isn’t encrypted.

But it does appear that these bulbs may be running on ESPs which means they might be re-flashable with an alternative firmware like Tasmota or ESPEasy. Once you do that the bulb will talk HTTP or MQTT which OH already supports quite nicely.

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Thanks! I’ll make sure to look into that.

Yep, there are lots of Tasmota templates for Geeni and Merkury devices. They might even be Tuya-based, in which case they can easily be flashed using a Raspberry Pi.