Weather Binding and Openhab V3.0

Hello everybody,

as far as I can see, the Weather Binding is currently the only one that you can use without paying or without your own weather station.
I have been using it for years and am very satisfied with it.
But it is only available in version 1.14.0 and is no longer supported in Openhab V3.

Or do I see this wrong?

You can continue running it in OH2 and use the remoteopenhab binding to have access in OH3.

Here is the binding compatibility discussion on GitHub.

Thank you very much for this information.

Using that binding, Items in OH2 become channels on the OH2 Bridge in OH3. you can then link OH3 Items to those channels.

OpenWeatherMap does not require a subscription or paying…yet. There is a binding for OWM that works in OH 3.

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Sadly, that’s not true. You have to own a device to use the OWM API. So with OH3 there is no way of using “adequate” weather data without having a weather device or paying a subscription.

Not at all. I don’t have any hardware wheater device and I’m using OWN for years. Never had to pay for the api key. Und with the new OneCall API it is really easy to have daily forecast w/o using a mess of virtual items and rules

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From their own website: Weather API - OpenWeatherMap

Please sign up and use our fast and easy-to-work weather APIs for free.

Yes, but if you sign in they tell you that you need to have a device to generate an API key…

I’ve had a key for years and maybe I’m grandfathered in but there is absolutely nothing on their page, their FAQ, or the pages I see once I log in that indicates a device is required. Maybe you are accidentally trying to create a key for one of their paid end points or something. Posting a screen shot might be informative. Because what I’m seeing:

From Frequently Asked Questions - OpenWeatherMap

No mention of needing a device.

From my API Keys page:

The plan I’m signed up for:

From the plan pricing page:

No mention of requiring a device.

I can’t see what you are seeing but if they have changed to require a device then they have not applied that to users who already have a key and they’ve failed to update their own website.

NOTE: Weather Underground used to be free but moved to a paid only model unless you have a weather station. Maybe you are looking at the wrong service?

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Silly, I mixed up WeatherUnderground and OWM - sorry for the confusion. WU was my favourite provider until they changed their policy.
Regarding OWM, OH doc says:

Attention : The daily forecast is only available for paid accounts (opens new window).

I remember, said I once experimented with OWM, and this part made it useless for me. But I could exactly remember, how this limited affected my usecase.

I’m pretty sure the new OneCall API now supports daily forecasts. I never used them so don’t know. The Channel list seems to indicate that it’s supported.

There were some Python libraries released that would aggregate the hourly forecasts into a daily one but I don’t think that’s required any more. I don’t see that “Attention” warning on the pricing page any more either.

I just used that API in a Javascript course with no device. In fact, here is a code example proving the point (not mine).

Maybe then it is just that the OH docs are a bit outdated. I will go for the OWM binding then. Thanks.

Yes, i can confirm that those are working.
One thing that puzzled me, as long as you only have the OWM account thing configured it stays offline until you add another things (that should popup in the inbox)

I can’t show you examples since i’m rebuilding my semantic model and the weather is the last thing to do :wink:

If you would file an issue on the binding that would be great. The OneCall API is a pretty recent addition to the binding. The docs probably just were not updated.

Issue [openweathermap] - daily forecasts are now available for free acounts · Issue #9907 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
PR [openweathermap] Remove daily forecast limitation hint from docs. by maihacke · Pull Request #9908 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

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Sascha, thanks for mentioning that. I could not get OWM to go online and so I gave up on it and removed it. Then I read your mention here that you have to add other things first before it goes online. This crucial bit of info should go in the binding documentation. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

i just wanted to know if there is any progress on the integration of the weather binding into OH3. The poll topic had quite a few polls for weather binding and also the table in github mentions, that it might be migrated.

I really love my weather html view and especially it perfectly integrates into openHAB iOS app.

Thanks about any information.

AFAIK, nobody volunteered to bring this binding to openHAB 3 and there are no plans to do so.