Weather bindings

im kinda lost …I’m having several offline bindings regarding weather. when i’m trying to delete i get an error 409.
409 refers to an internal error? how can that be, is there two places where one can fill in informations… !!
i know there is, but why ? why isn’t the settings a general setting where every binding should get the needs from ?

Can you be please more specific? It’s hard for us to figure out what’s happening on your system, when we only know parts of it. Please provide information on how you configure your bindings, which ones there are and what you want to delete. :wink:

on the other hand, try clearing the cache:

cache cleared… and i figured how to get rid of the error 409.

my “mistake” was apparently that i have been filling out the
Configuration >System> regional setting > location af installation
and like wise the settings location setting for the weather …

in my opinion it would be an massive improvement to have just one page of settings where all binding would get what’s needed for them to work…

as it says in the weather setting
“Multiple syntaxes are supported. Please read the binding documentation for more information”
unfortunately the binding documentation says less than nothing about multiple syntaxes… :wink: