Weather OpenWeatherMap

I am using openHAB 2.4.0 and I have installed Binding OpenWeatherMap unfortunately I can not set the forecast for the next day.
I know that in the settings you have to set a few days but always in this case I do not want to connect and the status is set to “unknown”
What should I do to make it work properly?

Have you read the binding thread?

The free API does not provide daily forecasts

Is there any other binding for weather that allows you to download such information for free?

There is an alternative:

Searching the forum can be very instructive…

Searching the forum?
Read this aswell. We sorted it.

It actualy does give you a 5 day forcast with a 3 hr period per day.
Dit the tests with a normal http request with my api key. Just takes some reading and work to get it to work

That’s what it means. There is no daily forecast. It’s broken down in 3 hours intervals. If you want a daily forecast, you have to work it out from the 3 hours data.

Sorry mis understud you. But it takes some work to get it to work

Yes, it does
I use a mix of three data sources for weather.

OWM for current conditions. It’s the closest to the actual conditions here.
An unreliable 433Mhz link to the neighbour weather station but I don’t know what neighbour. He could be a bit far and the connection isn’t great.
And I use DarkSky via the node-red node and the free api for daily forecasts. Simpler that way.

still looking on my own weather station. it is easier. lol