Weather Underground Binding Fahrenheit

I apologize, but I should know the answer to this…

My OH server died forcing me to rebuild and reinstall from my backups. I have everything back in place with the exception of the Weather Underground binding displaying the temp in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit…I cant seem to remember where I made that choice…I’ve read the docs and I must be reading so hard I’ve missed it.

I set up the THING in Paper UI and there is no setting for units of measure in the dialog box.

My item file looks to be correct:

Number WUTemperature "Current temperature [%.1f °F]" <temperature> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:SGP:current#temperature"}

What am I missing…I’m driving myself crazy as I had this set up before and it was displaying correctly…what did I miss???



The setting is present on the channel itself.

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The linked post in my answer was just a few hours old and had exactly the same question as yours in this thread.
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This is where sparse answers while easy to type do not provide full syntax to the answer.


Is true, but based upon my question and the screengrab I placed you can not define that part of the channel through PaperUI - correct?

Do I need to create a manual thing file to define this parameter?

Again I apologize for asking, I did this before and my notes and some of my backup is missing.

I’m not trying to stir the pot I’m just trying to illustrate that more complete answers are what will drive adoption and lessen the level of frustration with newer users.


Yes of course you can setup this setting in Paper UI, just open the window that show your thing channels and you will see the setup icon on each channel that have a setting.

Thank You…

For those of you that have the issue, please see the image below

Click on the pencil icon to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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It took me longer than necessary to find that as well. Does anyone know if it’s possible to specify channel settings such as this when linking in a rules file? I know it only has to be done once, but going down the list of every temperature channel in the binding to change to F was/is ridiculous.

i don’t use PaperUI much, so I guess I’m of no use here. But I would guess, that channel-definitions have to be done repeatedly. I use Things-files for those configuration and here it’s a bit more writing, but I can copy&paste here.

…but could you be more specific with your other question?

Channel-Configuration has to be done in the channel. In a rule you could only (re-)calculate some values?

Sorry, brain failure :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I meant in an items file. I can’t find anything that indicates that it’s possible other than changing them though PaperUI or using a thing file as you suggest.

yes. that’s typically so, that configuration for a multi-channel binding has to be repeatedly clicked or typed in.
you could of course file a request, that the binding has one central configuration for units - but my guess is, that’s so on purpose, because some commun use cases would require a per-channel configuration not a per-binding configuration…?

This is possible in the config file too. I think I have even provided the full example in the documentation.

I have the latest WeatherUnderground Binding 2.3.0 snapshot and there is no pencil icon next to Temperature. Is there an issue with the latest binding?

The channel configuration were suppressed when framework unit of measurement was introduced. Take a look to the last version of the README page.

I searched the WeatherUnderground Binding README and don’t see anything. Can you please elucidate to which README you are referring and where a “framework unit of measure” can be found?

Thanks for your assistance!

PS: demo.things example has to be updated.

Are you saying the API/location setting for Weather Underground no longer works?

I don’t see any items in the documentation that refer to setting the temperature to Fahrenheit:

Thing weatherunderground:weather:CDG "Météo Paris CDG" [ apikey="XXXXXXXXXXXX", location="CDG", language="FR", refresh=15 ] {
        Type temperature : current#temperature
        Type windSpeed : current#windSpeed
        Type windGust : current#windGust
        Type pressure : current#pressure
        Type dewPoint : current#dewPoint
        Type heatIndex : current#heatIndex
        Type windChill : current#windChill
        Type feelingTemperature : current#feelingTemperature
        Type visibility : current#visibility
        Type rainDay : current#precipitationDay
        Type rainHour : current#precipitationHour
        Type minTemperature : forecastToday#minTemperature
        Type maxTemperature : forecastToday#maxTemperature
        Type rainDay : forecastToday#precipitationDay
        Type snow : forecastToday#snow
        Type maxWindSpeed : forecastToday#maxWindSpeed
        Type averageWindSpeed : forecastToday#averageWindSpeed

I am just saying the temperature unit is now defined by default globally in OH or by the unit you set in your sitemap/item label. This is no more a configuration setting of the channel.
No change for API key or location thing setting.
So you just have to update your items like in the example.

My items do follow the README examples and they still display in Celsius.

Can anyone explain where I’m supposed to define it “globally in OH”? All of my items below display Celsius.

Number Temperature "Current temperature [%.1f °F]" <temperature> 	(Weather)	{channel="weatherunderground:weather:8dd21e99:current#temperature"}
Number FeelTemp "Feeling temperature [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  		(Weather)	{channel="weatherunderground:weather:8dd21e99:current#feelingTemperature"}
Number HeatIndex "Heat Index [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  				(Weather)	{channel="weatherunderground:weather:8dd21e99:current#heatIndex"}
Number WindChill "Wind Chill [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  				(Weather)	{channel="weatherunderground:weather:8dd21e99:current#windChill"}