Weather Underground widget with forecast


Im able to get everything working, however the item

String Weather_ConditionId “ConditionId [%s]” {channel=“weatherunderground:weather:local:current#iconKey”}

is not returning any value where everything else does, anything i could have missed?

Did you see this above?

ahh i missed that thanks

And this makes it even more confusing…

If I swap the name of the image for another file that I have placed in that same directory…it works.

Changing wind.png to video2.jpg works…changing back to wind.png does not.


Hei do u know where to find that #1212 build?

And for your problem can u use ur browser to inspect what is the image url it tries to load? from there u can troubleshoot

No, I’ve been looking to see where Eclipse Smart Home stores their builds…

I’m using the inspector to check the images…what’s weird is the top one fails, but the one where I used one of my images works fine…same file path.


did you click on that and open in a new tab of your browser? check the permission of your file.

yup, no permission issues at all it’s only an issue in HabPanel

I dont think its a HaBpanel issue, the image tag and the url is properly populated. just the image url isnt accessible.

The browser component within habpanel is not rendering the png. It will render a jpg.

Cool at least u know whats the problem then.

Anyone could tell me where i can find build #1212 and download the jar binding?

And Success…at least on one part!!

It seems like the images I had downloaded from GITHUB were corrupted somehow and HabPanel would not display them, Chrome would however. On a wild hair I decided to download the assets again and they popped right up. Now I need to figure out why I’m not getting the weather icons…it’s probably due to not having the latest version of the binding…now just need to see where to grab it from as I don’t see it on cloudbees.

And now…total success!!!


@fandy I found the location of the latest build of the weatherunderground binding.

  1. Go to

  2. Download the openhab-addons-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT.kar file which is just a zip archive of the latest build’s bindings.

  3. Navigate to the following path inside the zip file. \repository\org\eclipse\smarthome\binding\org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.weatherunderground

  4. Inside you will find the latest version of the binding, which you can copy into your ADDONS folder. You must remove the old binding via PaperUI first, you also need to delete your current thing. Reboot, add the thing back in and you should be good to go.



If you download the latest openhab-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz starting from version #1212, the updated Weather Underground binding is included. Otherwise use @KidSquid steps to update the binding itself.

Note that using a recent compiled binding in an old distribution could of course lead to incompatibility. But it could work in case there were not too many changes in ESH core.

Congratulation Squid, stay indoor its gonna be thunderstorm next 3days. =P

Btw how do i unzip the .kar file

FINALLY I GOT IT WORKING, for those who is having some issues i have:

  1. Weather icon is not showing, even though u got all the icon path correct, follow @KidSquid instruction by unzip the file using any program like “The unarchiver” for mac
  2. Today shows in some different language you need to update the widget itself, and hardcode it
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since I really like this widget, but had to update it quite a bit to fit to my local configuration, I have updated it to allow widget-level configuration of the items. Thought that might be interesting for others as well. When placing the widget, you can configure all items that are being displayed, the static directory, as well as the icon family (white or black). For installation, please follow the same logic as in @bastiaan_van_h’s post above, except that you do not need to configure the icons and ServerPath in the code (in the config parameters after placing the widget instead). The only thing that needs to be adapted/localized in the code are the names of the weekdays.


The tricky thing will be the icons… I found the easiest solution to edit the css file and rename the css definition to reflect the localized condition description. As an example, for German I would change “partlycloudy” to “teils_wolkig” (note, the widget code will replace space with underscore).

.wu-white.wu-partlycloudy { background: url(/static/weather/white/svg/partlycloudy.svg); }

.wu-white.wu-teils_wolkig { background: url(/static/weather/white/svg/partlycloudy.svg); }

Hope this is of any use for anybody else.

weather-underground-localisation.widget.json (8.8 KB)


Thank you.

You can change the language of the Weather Underground response in the Thing, and HABpanel follows the Openhab system localization. This way everything in the widget is auto localized except for the iconKey, which needs to be English for correct alignment with the weather-underground-icon css. No need for translations or so.

How i can change language of day names?
I had install system with EN locale, but then change on RU, but it not help (
locale in thing config work fine. Problem only with day names (not with “today”, this i have hardcoded easy) (

P.S. Test locale in openhab:
2018-02-21 19:56:30.008 [INFO ] [clipse.smarthome.model.script.locale] - ru_RU

It’s not help (