Weather - Yahoo - Bad Request

I am trying to display the weather information coming from Yahoo.

For that, I configured openhab.cfg as is


Then in the openhab.log I get

2016-03-24 20:23:10.275 [ERROR] [.w.i.p.AbstractWeatherProvider] - YAHOO[home]: Can’t retreive weather data: HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request

Any idea why?

I started having the same problem. Maybe its a problem with the yahoo website?

Had the same issue since 1.8.2, switched to Wunderground as well, working fine since

:frowning: I’ve been expecting yahoo to go away for some time but haven’t had the chance to change my setup to wunderground.

Does anyone know if wunderground condition codes map to Yahoo or am I going to have to redo everything I have the depends on the condition code?

Yes, I just moved to Weather Underground… Works fine now :slight_smile: