WeMo insight plug - adding new params to binding


I noticed that the wemo insight plug returns 11 different parameters, but only a few of these are bound at the moment. A little digging on the internet along with some trial and error has revealed most of them, and I thought it’d be a good a place as any for me to have a go at contributing something back by adding these to the binding.

Before I attempt to start on this, is anyone already looking into it?

Also if anyone has any additional input on identifying the params please let me know. At the moment I have the following, but I don’t know for sure if there’s any variation between models. Those in bold are the values I’m proposing to add:

1: on/off state
2: lastChangedAt (unix timestamp, convert to dateTime)
3: lastOnFor
4: onToday
5: onTotal
6: timespan (this is the time used to calc avg time/day based on onTotal. Reported in seconds)
7: averagePower (Watts, ? over what period this is calculated, doesn’t seem to use timespan or onTotal)
8: currentPower (mW)
9: energyToday (mW mins, convert to Wh?)
10: energyTotal (mW mins, convert to Wh?)
11: 8000 (fixed, static number?)

I’m thinking energy would be better converted directly in the binding to Wh than mWmins, any thoughts on that?

Final question - are there standard names for any of these settings in openHAB, or are they unique to each binding? The names above are just what I thought explained them succinctly.

the creator of the binding is @hmerk - check with him what are the current plans. as i know he is already working on the binding. But would probably appreciate assistance :smile:

Please feel free to place a feature request for the additional parameters at github.
I then will see when to find time for it.
Please note that my focus is on the ESH (openHAB2) Version of the binding.
There is a new Version already pushed and waiting for review.
@karsten_kaiser_1971 , it now supports the LED bulbs…


I’ve raised against openhab and openhab2; happy to help out in any way that I can so if you want to focus on openhab2 I don’t mind then doing the equivalent for openhab.

Hi Toby,
It’s fine for openHAB, but not for OH2, cause it’s an ESH binding, so this request would go to eclipse/smarthome. But now worries.
If you like, you can create the PR yourself. This gives me some time to see how the latest WeMo ESH enhancements could be implemented in openHAB 1.x.


Hi Hans-Jörg,

I’ve added a PR for the openhab implementation.

I’ll work on getting openhab2 version setup over the coming days, but will need a little time to get it up and running as I’ve only been using openhab (v1) until now.

Are there any unit tests I can run / add to? I couldn’t find any, but tested the jar against the one insight plug I have and it seemed to be working ok.

Please let me know any feedback - first time I’ve contributed any code so I’m sure there’s a few things to improve on :smile:

Many thanks for the help so far


Hi Toby,
No, i did not implement any unit tests, cause I did not find any time to get used to implement those.

I will start to review your PR tomorrow and will also implement this new channels into ESH binding to update the actual enhancements for WeMo lights.
There will probably another new device supported soon: Just received a WeMo Maker. Basic support is already coded…