Wemo "third party" devices? Air purifier, humidifier, etc

Is there any work being done on extending the wemo bindings to control non-belkin wemo devices? Any way I could help with it? I have a wemo air purifier, but little/no coding skills.

Please open a feature request at

where we can track the needed information.
I will try to implement new devices with support of the users, but it is quite difficult as I don’t own these devices and they are not available in my country.
At the moment I am going that way for the WeMo Dimmer Switch, so it might take some time until I can start on the Air Purifier.

Are you still interested in adding the purifier to the WeMo Binding? If so, could you post screenshots of the corresponding controls in the original App?
I try to add support to be implemented with openHAB 2.5 release (scheduled for December this year)


Definitely would like to help.
Here’s a screenshot of the wemo app with the air purifier controls open.

(ignore the update failed bit)

Great Thanks, that will help.

Did you give the new testing version a try in regards to the purifier ???
Some feedback is highly appreciated.

Hadn’t played with openhab much lately, installed the milestone 2.5.0-rc1 on a test platform to check. Doesn’t find the air purifier to control, though it does find all the other wemo devices on my network (light switch, a couple old sockets, a couple mini sockets)

grabbed todays snapshot (13/12/2019), doesn’t find it either.


That is correct, as the changes are not merged, you need to download the version I described…

My mistake, didn’t realize the email I received was a link to a different forum post. Tested now and air purifier seems to be working. Filter life will need a little more digging as I shouldn’t be able to change it myself, but it’s an output from the purifier itself to track when filter needs changing.

Thanks for your feedback. Filter channels should be read only, need to check.

Filter Life is just a number item, cannot be changed. Filter expired and filter present are read only channels, so corresponding switch item just shows the state.