What about brightsky

In Germany the “Deutscher Wetterdienst” contributes via Opendata almost all collected and created data.
As there are tons and tons of data (including pictures of webcams, radar, gazillions of measurements…) it’s a bit “complex” to get the data.

But there is already a free API to a small part of this data, brightsky.dev.
This is historical wheather and hourly forecast (at least five days to the future).

Seems almost “trivial” :wink: to create an API call (longtude, latitude, date) to get an hourly forecast (or historical data), response format is JSON.
You don’t need an API key, as it’s free of charge (and will be, by law).

BUT: Shame on me, I don’t have the skills to write a binding for that…
Maybe someone else?

I bet you do have the skills to write it up in Rules using the HTTP binding and/or the sendHttpXRequest Actions though. I’ve done so in the past for more complicated APIs than that: Honeywell Home API with openHAB using just rules.

I don’t use that anymore because the reauthentication never quite worked right but you don’t need any of that Oauth2 and authentication token request token stuff. You just need to make some calls and parse out the data.

If it’s as you describe you might be able to do most of the work just with the HTTP binding. However, if you need to manipulate the JSON entries to get meaningful data back (like was required with the NOAA work I did years ago which I can’t find now but the problem was to calculate the total precipitation one had to process an unknown and ever changing number of entries, not a fixed number (like one entry per hour)) you might need to process the JSON in a rule.

I’d give it a try, you might get much farther than you think.

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Yes, sure :slight_smile:

seems to be https://brightsky.dev right?

Yepp :slight_smile: lost the v… (added link above…)

anyhow a very interesting topic, I did not know of that service!
Unfortunately I also never implemented any binding thus not really able to help here :frowning:
Probably if I find some spare time in future… :wink: