What can I use to send location data from my phone through my.openhab.org?

Can someone help me work out the easiest way to securely send GPS location from a phone to openHAB through the my.openHAB service? My goal is to display a map with all the locations of family members on it…

Something like OwnTracks seems perfect but i don’t really want to struggle through setting up external access to my Mosquitto broker. I see that it now supports HTTP servers so maybe there is a way to send the data through my.openHAB?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

maybe this helps:

PS: Geofency is an app you install on the i-phone.

I do not see a way how geo fancy is transmitting coordinates.Therefore I would also be interested in a good solution other than the tediuous installation of a Mosquito server with all the security risks coming with this solution.
I already thought using iffft with the maker channel. But unfortunately the openhab ifttt does not allow transmission of coordinates (atleast I did not find a way.)